Marsh Lake

(Population 619)
When you drive up the Alaska Highway through the Southern Lakes Region, you will get a panoramic view of this magnificent glacier fed lake surrounded by Mountain peaks. Marsh Lake flows North to form the famous Yukon River to Dawson and on to the Bering Sea. Stop at the Yukon River bridge, take a short walk to the interpretive viewing platform and feast your eyes. In late April & May don’t miss our Spring Celebration of Swans. Visit Swan Haven to witness the remarkable migration ‘resting and feeding area’ of the Tundra & Trumpeter Swans. This is am amazing wilderness experience seeing Trumpeter Swans in their natural spring habitat.

Marsh Lake forms part of the original historic Trail of ’98. Gold Seekers built their rudimentary boats at Lake Bennett and travelled north through our Southern Lakes system to meet the Yukon River and their destiny in the Klondike Gold Fields of Dawson City Yukon. Original trapper and mining cabins dot the shorelines and trails and provide intrique and curiosity for those who take the opportunity to hike or tour by water.

The Marsh Lake community stretches approximately 30 kms along the shores of Marsh Lake and is located between 25 to 45 minutes South of Whitehorse. A short distance relative to many communities in the Yukon. Today, Community Centre, Little Lakers Playground, outdoor ice rink and ski trails have become our gathering place for a wide variety of drop-in and scheduled activities.

Don’t pass up a once in a lifetime beach experience in the far north, at our own Army Beach. Just watch for the signs and if you like to camp, the Marsh Lake Campground is a definite stay over.

Kayaks, canoes, tours, bed and breakfast, deli-bakery, fine dining, log cabins, marina, boat tours and guided fishing are just some of the experiences available at beautiful Marsh Lake. Come and make yourself part of our community.

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